Person Centered Counseling

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Personal Model Of Helping – Person-Centered Theory

My personal view of helping someone is based upon my own past experiences for both myself and my observation of others. Person-centered therapy may not work as well with people who find it complicated to discuss issues about themselves or have a mental illness that misrepresents their perceptions of reality. However, I believe that Person Centered Counseling is an approach which emphasizes the clients responsibility to take control of their own experience. In this approach the client is given the tools and encouragement to make their own decisions and realize their own potential for growth. Person Centered Theories were developed by Carl Rogers. Throughout his years of experience working with clients it was Rogers goal to assist people feel influential and be in command of of their own lives.

After my exposure to this approach, it instantly made an impression on me to the degree that I fully believe and feel confident that this will be the main theory I would prefer to use with my clients. My feelings are based upon the fact that this approach enables the person to become aware of their own abilities and empowers them to take control of their life. Whereas many other approaches are guided by therapist, this approach is mainly guided by the client themselves.

This approach, however, necessitates positive conditions in order for the client to thrive. This approach may not work for everyone and each individual must be evaluated and observed. When people are effected by lack of positive regard, they may focus on their insecurities and incorporate negative self concepts of themselves in their thinking process. For an example, when an individual is deprived of recognition and positive regard from others, the individual may begin to lose touch with what their own experience means for them and may revert back into old tendencies.

It is believed that children in negative environments...
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