Person and Specific Personality W/in

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We Wear the Mask - Analyzing Details
1. What does the mask symbolize? The mask is a person or personality that is seen by people who can only see that type of person or that specific personality w/in that individual. 2. Could this poem apply to other people who are not African-American? Explain your answer. Yes because, there are people who go about their business and there are those who like to provide emotional devastation to others around the whole world. And the mask gives the person, whose metaphorically wearing the mask, the identity of a particular type of individual that the critics and haters see them as. "Because I Could Not Stop For Death"- Analyzing Details

3. What kind of person is Death? How does the poet characterize him? He is patient and nonchalant about his duty. As if Death was a kind thing. 4. What does the "house" in stanza #5 symbolize? I think it symbolizes a cemetery. 5. Readers often have different opinions about the final stanza of the poem. Some believe it holds a tone of terror, while others think it expresses confidence and acceptance. What do you think? Explain your answer. I believe it’s a spiritual energy given off by the “House”, and I would also have to agree that it is an expression of acceptance. As I was reading my mind would shuffle through what it could possibly mean, with each line this happened and so I read it a second time and then understood what message was trying to be conveyed.
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