Person and Personal Relationship

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ai) Three differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship are: ·In a personal relationship, there is an element of choice in a personal relationship and who you decide you want to spend time with where as, in a working relationship, you cannot decide who you work with. ·in a working relationship, you are getting payed to spend time with people at work but in a personal relationship, you spend time with people out of choice and preference. ·In a personal relationship, you have unlimited contact with people whereas in a working relationship, there is no contact outside of work as it is a strictly professional relationship.

aii) Within my working environment, there are many different types of relationships. Two of these are: ·Management and staff: they have agreed ways of working and always follow company policies and procedures. ·Myself and other collegues: we work together as a team to support eachother in our day to day duties and treat eachother with respect.

aiii) It is important that social care workers work in partnership with individuals using the service and their family because by doing so, we are able to protect against illness, injury and abuse. It helps to keep people working together and enables them to grow as a team and combat any worries. aiv) Three ways of working that can help improve partnership working are: ·Having good communication with each other so that each person knows where the other people are and what has been done etc ·Being able to express opinions openly with eachother so there is always chance of improvement. ·By working equally, work is spread equally so people are not getting over worked or having the chance to do less than others Av) When people with different views and expertise are working together, they may disagree about the best way forward. Five different skills or approaches that might help resolve conflict are:

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