Person and People

Topics: Person, Make You Feel My Love, People Pages: 14 (5199 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Testul.1.(ESEU) “The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others” Everyone is different,unique and this are only some reasons for witch we must respect each over.But can we have a such feeling for a person who doesn’t respect hirself?I think that we are treated in the same way that we think that deserve.A person who knows her value,who has her own ideas about life and know how to made from them a reality always will be succesfull,surrounded of people who listen to her,who appreciate her like a personality.relationships always are based on the same values:respect,understanding and patience and when you meet a new person don’t ferget about it.Selfconfidence is also very important,but it only must help you to defend your ideas,but not to debase someone.Remember that you are a unique person,respect yourself.

Testul.1.(CIVILIZATIE)”Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a source of revenue to many countries but its disadvantages shouldn’t be overlooked” Tourism can be very profitable

Testul 2.(CIVILIZATIE) “How would you describe your country or region and the people who live there?” I live in a very small,but beautiful country.Moldovian’s hills,forests,rivers,villages have something special,something that make you to fill in safe,in peace.Always when I have a hard moment the nature from this territories gives me power and silence for my soul.The nature is a friend for every moldavian,it has been defending our nation for ages.People who live in this country kow what means to work hardly,to lose somethink important for you,to be poor.In stead of the nature’s beauty many people must fight everyday to exist,to have food,and this make them understanding and prepared to help you in need.I love my country and I hope it will become a better place fos us.

Testul.2.(ESEU) “The internet has forever changed the way we live.” Internet is one of the most useful invention that ever has existed.Using it you can make so easy,so quickly and so many things.It is a source of information that never will end.Everything you want to learn you can find with it help.Because of it you can also find interesting people,or can speak with those you love a lot but aren’t near you.Internet has a lot of advantages,but are persons who use it only to make bad thinks.With blackmails,public humiliations,(the..)it can become an unsafe place for us.Children are usually victims of these persons,because they are more credulous,dremer.If we are carefully and use it for a rezonable where internet will become a wonderful world where everything a so simple.

Testu.3.(CIVILIZATIE) “Speake about one of the holidays celebrated in Great Britain/moldova/USA in great detail. Cristmas is one of the most beautiful Holiday that are celebrated all around the world.The day celebrates Jesus Christ’s birth,but every country have their own traditions in this day.some weeks before this holiday people decorate a Christmas tree,their houses and gardens.In USA are many villages that make from this custom a contest :”whom house is the brightest?”.Christmas is an occasion to organize special events:partie,concerts or performances.In this day usually all family meet at a Christmas denner,where is prepared special meal(consisting of turkey in USA)and ather delicious,including sponge cake.The exchange gefts,sing Christmas song,but children receive gifts from Santa Claus or Mos Craciun.

Testul.3.(ESEU) “There is almost nothing in our lives that is not touched by language” Comunication has a very important role in our society,because on it are based all the relationships,starting with friendship and ending this diplomatic relation.The language that we speak is are of our biggest value.Becuse of it we can express our feelings and thoughts,can open our soulto demonstrate everuone that we are wanderfull persons.we learn and then demonstrate our knowledges,we can find a job and like a...
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