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Topics: Person, Humans, Natural environment Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Jimmy Do
Mr. Martin
English III
3 April 2013
Write an Essay, Glen, Pg. 834
There are many factors that could greatly help shape a person’s identity. A symbolic place, person, and events are some of the many factors that assisted a person’s determination of who they are. The way a person behaves and act on a daily basis can conclude a person’s identity. The understanding and perception of experiences and how people use them makes a big part of who they are.

Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin is the place that helped me find my identity. Its environment facilitated the shape of who I am. I went to a private school in Wisconsin for my sophomore year. The atmosphere provided an exciting and peaceful ecosystem. There are many zones where an individual could find out who they are and what’s their plan for the future, and I found mine. I was independent that year. 1,200 miles away from home, I was able to take care of myself. The status of being independent allowed me to find who I am. The quiet environment encouraged me to think. It helped me combine where I started, my experiences, and the people I interacted with into one “tag” that labeled who I am. Without the wonderful ecosystem that the school provided me, I would never find who I am. I’ll be confused about the plans I have for the future. I learned that everything we do identifies us. Thanks to Mt. Calvary, I’m confident about myself and my plans for the future.

The way people behave in a certain environment, interact with others, occupation, and understanding about certain subjects can summarize an individual’s identity. The people, environment, and specific events are dynamics that can aid an individual’s exploration for their identity. All humans are born with a personality, it’s the things people experience that shapes the identity.
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