Persians, Macedonians, and the Romans Were Led by Their Centralized Governments, Broad Cultural Differences, and a Strong Demand for Military Forces.

Topics: Alexander the Great, Achaemenid Empire, Culture Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Persians, Macedonians, and the Romans were led by their centralized governments, broad cultural differences, and a strong demand for military forces.
During the era of the Persians, they were widely known as the largest empire at the time. Having one of the largest empires also made them known as possessors of a military that would lead Persia through many triumphs. This is because of Persia’s progressive administration and government (1). Playing an important role in government, the aristocrats, who were mostly made up of farmers, built elaborate buildings and murals to an intense degree that would be the focus point of the cities (7). In addition to the building advancements, Persia also adapted a system of currency that would be used widely to promote trade and commerce within the nation’s borders and surrounding allies (2). Because of Persia’s exclusion of other countries’ cultures, they were able to last an extended period of time. Keeping to their own culture, Persia did not ration out other cultural ideas that began to flourish. When the Egyptians introduced the breast plate to the Persians that they had used in the military, Persia did not turn away from this creation; instead, they adapted it and began using it in their own line of defense (1).

Macedonia as well was a country of many cultures. Alexander the Great was a major contributor to Macedonia’s broad mix of various cultures. Leading his empire to their highest peak, Alexander was the military leader that over powered Persia, which brought in several new attributes to the Macedonian society; one of those being currency (3 and 4). This new currency allowed for Macedonian culture and traditions to spread, much like it did in Persia (4). One of the other important features of Macedonian culture was the enormous buildings that once were built upon pillars (9). Much like the Persian Empire, Macedonia tended to stick to its own simple ways and traditions. With military, trade, sufficient economy...
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