Persian Wars

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  • Published : January 4, 2009
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The Persian Empire of Mesopotamia was the largest and most powerful empire of the Ancient Near East civilizations. The Persian Empire had engaged in a series of wars, also known as the Persian Wars of Expansion, which was beneficial for the empire. After conquering and taking over many other civilizations, they gained more power and control. In addition to gaining more power, the Persian Empire had also gained more land, which can help the empire economically, politically, and socially. By warring, conquering and gaining control over other empires, the Persian Empire made its way to the top of all ancient civilizations. The Persian Empire was one of the most successful empires in world history that ruled for more than a thousand years. The first individuals to settle on the Persian land were from the Aryan tribes, the Medes, and the Persians. The fertile geographical features such as the immense mountain ranges, desserts, and plateau had helped these people establish a region. The beginning of the Persian Empire started with a revolt against the rulers of Media, who initially had authority over the three groups. This revolt was led by Cyrus the Great, who then invaded more colonies and lands and established the first Persian Empire. After the death of Cyrus the Great, other emperors such as Darius and Xerxes take over and continue conquering more lands to build a stronger and more powerful empire. The Persian Empire had a strong and large army that could not be defeated. The Persian Army was made up of millions of soldiers. With the loyal citizens of the country, the army is ready to fight enemies with twice as many soldiers as their opponent. The army was very dependent on the bow, which was one of the major factors that helped the victories of the wars. Armor was not a feature that the army needed, for the soldiers were well-trained and maneuvered themselves well enough. The armor was expensive, and most importantly, heavy which can hold back the troops....
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