Persian Culture vs. Samoan Culture

Topics: Samoa, Culture of Iran, Samoans Pages: 4 (1378 words) Published: July 14, 2012
Persian Culture VS. Samoan Culture
Soheyla Sabeghi
Professor: Erik Eisel
June 5, 2012

Persian Culture and Samoan Culture are from a land of hospitality and warmness, with a rich, glorious, and grand cultural heritage. Family life is huge and they value their family very much. Marriage, loyalty, and family traditions play a big part between the two cultures. In Iran Persians are known to be Multiethnic, multicultural society. Majority of the population in Iran speaks Persian and are affiliated dialects as the primary language used. Iran Culture is rich in cultural symbolism, much of which derives from prehistoric times. Iran is known to be centered right on the Iranian plateau. It is surrounded on most of the mountains. The center of it contains several of regions that are almost dessert. Most of the population of the plateau lives in oasis near the mountains where water is available. Persian Culture is famous for beautiful poetry, luxurious rugs, and lush gardens. Samoa is an Island that has a population of 65,000 thousand people and is known to be a very small Island. In the Samoan Culture, the chains of Islands are the Samoans, the archipelago in the Polynesian Culture area of the South Pacific Ocean. Western Samoan and the United States territory of American Samoa are divided into the independent nation known as the Samoan archipelago. Germany, England, and New Zealand were known that the Western Samoa had owned these countries, and before gaining their independence in 1962. The Samoan Culture has many cultural and historical ties with neighboring Tonga, the Cook Islands, and Tahiti. About 2,300 miles southwest of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii are where the Western Samoan is located. Western Samoa is made up of two main islands, Upolo and Savai’i, and a few smaller ones. In the Samoan Culture the communal way of life is the traditional Culture. There are three main parts in the Samoan Culture that is faith,...
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