Persia and Rome Compare and Contrast

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Helen Gomez
Ms. Gadel
APW period 4
The Persian and Roman Empire C/C Essay

The Persian Empire lasted from about 500-330 BCE and the Roman Empire from 27 BCE - 476 CE, but were the largest empires because Persian reign extended from the Indus Valley to Egypt at its highest point. The Roman Empire at its peak went from the edge of modern Scotland to Arabia. The Persian and Roman Empires similarly built their domain through expansionism. They maintained in their empires using trade, but differed in their methods due to their locations.

Under expansionism, both empires politically built and extended their empires under one government. Persia conquered the Babylonians, and the Medes under Cyrus The Great, who first unified the Persian Empire. Egypt was taken under Cambyses, who expanded the empire further. Darius attempted, but ultimately failed to take Greece during the Persian Wars. Like the Persian Empire, Rome extended its reign through war. In its years as a Republic, it covered much of Europe. As an empire though, it conquered Britain under Claudius and Trajan overtook Mesopotamia, Dacia, and Babylon and under him, the Empire was the greatest size. Through wars and battles, the Persian and Roman Empire expanded because this tactic was used defensively. Both empires would conquer first to stop threatening enemies from invading them.

Because Persia and Rome were vast, maintaining their empires was often done through trade and commerce. The Persian Empire’s trade was more land based while in contrast, the Roman Empire’s had access to large waterways and sea routes. Darius I built the Great Royal Road, a paved and well maintained road that extended from the Mediterranean Sea to Susa, the administrative capital of Persia. The road connected the empire and was used as post roads that maintained the empire in good conditions because it was able to trade with foreign places and trade knowledge and ideas. The Roman Empire was extremely well connected...
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