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Production of a Music Video Track
Coming up with the idea 1 week
Task 1- brainstorming
All the participants sat together and had enough time in order to brainstorm with an aim of coming up with the idea of how the video should look like. These participants were actually members of the band that had recorded an audio track for which a video was to be created. Various suggestions were raised from participants and appropriately documented in order to enable them to eventually decide on what best suits the track. Task 2-refining the idea

Analysis was carried out on all the suggestions raised from members and a decision made on how the video was to look like and in particular the place from which the video was to be shot. The group also decided upon the number of people to appear in the video as well as the identity of these people. Basing on the information about the people to appear in the video as well as the places to be featured, resources to be consumed by the project were estimated including enabling the planners put in place a budget of the project. At this stage, planners also decided on the days during which various places would be visited for shooting the video. The video shooting exercise 3 weeks

Task 1- video shooting from various locations
This task involved putting together all the required equipment and ferrying them to the places where the videos were to be shot. People who were to appear in the video were also taken to these areas in time to ensure that the videos are shot as expected. Videos were shot from different locations, a process which took three weeks with each location being featured accordingly to ensure that very high quality clips are created. Moreover, each member of the crew’s welfare was well taken care of by ensuring that each of them is in the right psychological state in order to bring out the best in the video shooting exercise. This process did cost...
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