Persevere of a Young Lady 4

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Persevere of a Young Lady
The start of the Holocaust began under the leadership Hitler. The Nazis blindsided by ideology started a war of hate against the Jewish People. The Germans at the beginning restricted human rights and bans transportation. Later in their rampage they began the onslaught of the Jewish people. Jews that managed not to escape the German stronghold were hunted down. People of Jewish decent had to abandon their lives and go in hiding. Hidden Jews had to live in the moment because they never know what is the future is ahead. In Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank shows the reader that the Holocaust did exist. The diary shows how a young girl was able to persevere in the cold settings. Frank described how important to lean on family but also believe in yourself. “Anne Frank’s ability to always improve herself enables her to resist oppression, determine for growth and a mind of direction”.

Anne Frank’s was in a terrible situation where she had to remain hidden and stay with people who did not respect her. Under oppression, Frank felt the need to define herself. She longed for knowledge and enthusiasm to accompany her behind the walls. She was an able to reason the best approaches to address the situation. Frank shows her dedication in improving her condition: “Alone I had to face the difficult task of changing myself, to stop the everlasting reproaches, which were so oppressive and which reduced me to such terrible despondency” (170). At the time Anne was not strong to prevail against the compression of emotions in the house. Anne realized that she was becoming narcissistic; she started to enhance her view of situation differently. As the reader I felt that Anne at moments only felt that she was only individual going through these chaotic times. The way how Anne disrespected her mother was a developmental process. Anne comments were detrimental to her mother relationship. The sadness of her mother affected different...
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