Perseverance - How Is Aids Environmental Management & Disaster Recovery

Topics: Emergency management, Sustainability, Natural environment Pages: 22 (5282 words) Published: March 25, 2013

How IS aids environmental management and disaster recovery

Prepared for: Mr Ashik Imran Khan (AIK) North South University MIS 205 Section 2 Prepared by

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Letter of Transmittal
This report is the result of a snapshot study of Environmental Management from the Information Systems perspective. Due to the brief and concise nature of the curriculum, all the information collected on current and historical aspects of the topics covered in this report are from online sources. The following pages therefore represent facts, ideas, and procedures on the topic that are currently shared around the world through various research and news websites. The main text in this report, however, is the work of the group members, and it is only the underlying knowledge behind the text that was obtained from these online sources. Quoted text is used from various sources wherever necessary to assist the analysis and interpretation of the topic.

Table of Contents
Introduction Environmental mangement - A Closer Look Sustainability Sustainability and Information Systems Disaster Management Mitigation Preparedness Response Recovery IS in Disaster Management Natural Hazards Overview of Hazards Analysis of different natural hazard types Natural Hazards in the past 10 years Watching Our Planet: Technological Systems in the face of disaster Remote Sensing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Communications Technology Satellite Systems in Disaster Management Conclusion Bibliography 1 2 4 6 8 9 10 13 13 14 16 17 18 20 22 23 24 25 25 26 28 29

ere are 6 billion people living on planet earth. For thousands of years, this immense and rapidly rising population has coexisted with nature. e impact of man-made societies on the planet's natural enviroment, therefore, has been a matter of concern for generations. As new civilizations emerged, the philosophies held by human societies on how to adjust and exist in the environment has continually changed. While we cannot deny the fact that human activity has historically caused great damage in the natural order of things on earth, rising concerns about environmental management has eventually resulted in considerable efforts in the conservation of or our ecosystem and our physical environment, with the objective of better sustainability. Continuous research is going on, theories are being improved as new technology is regularly enabling the extraction of new environmental data from all across the globe. Stripped down to its bare essence, the notion of management has coordination and communication in its core. Subsequently, as the effort for studying and managing the environment



becomes large-scale, the use of information systems (IS) to serve the core needs of the top experts collaborating globally becomes all the more vital. is paper examines the details of environmental management, with primary focus on how IS plays a critical role in the research and decision making regarding various steps taken by society to improve its different dimensions.

Environmental Management - A Closer Look
If we look into the concept of environmental management in detail, we must mention the possibility to mistake this notion for a process of "managing the environment". human capability. e environment, simply put, is too big for humans to "manage", and this is largely out of control of e term rather focuses on the management of human interactions with the e environment with the objective of minimizing the potential negative impacts on the surroundings that we inhabit, and on a broader scale, potential effects on the climate. different dimensions to this school of thought involve the political framework (policies affecting the environment), initiatives taken by different research or conservation groups to achieve various goals in a environmental management, and the management of...
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