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Life is not easy for any of us. We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. In high school you can’t be the person that blends in to the crowd. You have to persevere beyond the others by taking your classes seriously, working hard and longer for your grades, and focusing on the material the teachers teach you. Persevering though the obstacles life throws at you can make you a more successful person. Most people take classes because they have to or because they want to graduate in white. As an honor student you have extra work which you can run together in a few minutes if you want an average grade, but you can’t get through life if you just throw stuff together at the last minute. You have to persevere above the others and take your time to make sure you tried your hardest to get the best grade you can. Anyone can say they did a project or did the work but you can say that you put your whole brain into the project. While they get average grade you will get a grade that you know you tried your hardest for. For example in most people copy of the smart people that let them, although they may have a good grade they didn’t fully earn that grade. When you graduate you know that you weren’t the one that barley pasted high school, you put your heart and soul into your hard work that paid off. As an honor student you must work harder and longer for your grades. You must pass all the work your teacher puts on your desk or on the board. You can complete it without learning the full material, but if you don’t learn it then later in life when you need it you’ll have to learn it when you should have known it in the first place. If you miss class you must stay after or make it up during your lunch, you can’t just leave it a zero nor have it exempt because that is failure. You can’t stand out a school of thousands by failing because of one mistake. Most people don’t consider one grade a difference but you’re in honors so you have to do all you can do to...
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