Perserverance in Gulliver's Travels

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Perseverance is a value that has been instilled upon us since we can remember; never give up, never surrender. In the face of adversity, when no one believes in us, even if we’re starting to lose hope, always persevere. In Gulliver’s travels the theme of perseverance is addressed in several scenes and occasions, which raises the question: what was the author trying to portray in regards to this theme? The assumption can be made that his suggestion is the same as what has been instilled upon all of us since before we can remember, never give up and never stop believing in yourself.

Throughout Gulliver’s Travels Lemuel Gulliver never gives up on trying to go home. Traveling from island to island he always keeps his eyes on the prize, the prize being that he gets to go home in the end. Cornered by a giant wasp Gulliver could have just given up and been put out of his misery, so to speak, but instead he uses his ingenuity to slay the wasp and continue on his path back to his home and family. At another point he is offered eternal life and declines. Eternal life is something that people have longed and searched for since the beginning of time. He held the power to live forever in his hand, a chance to be immortal. Sure some might say that he declined to drink whatever it was the immortal people were drinking because it made them blind but one might also suggest that maybe subconsciously he didn’t want to drink from anything that would keep him away from his family or home. He persevered to get back to his family. This part of Gulliver’s Travels is almost reminiscent the story of the 3 kids that were stranded at sea off the coast of the Tokelau Islands. For 50 days the boys were stranded at sea but through determination, and hope they persevered until the end and got back to their families.

The theme of perseverance is again addressed throughout Gulliver’s Travels in respect to his sanity. Everyone in town including doctors swore that he was insane and had gone mad...
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