Persepolis vs. Those Iranian Friends

Topics: Satellite television, Iran, Education Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: December 2, 2012
The book Persepolis and the article, The Friendly Iranians, present different ideas when it comes to describing what the TV means to the population of Iran. The book shows Margie, that has never had contact with a TV satellite antenna hearing one of her friends tell her that Fariborz, a close friend, which had just won that kind of antenna with international channels. Excited she jumps into a car and drives to her friend’s house where she watches MTV and EUROSPORT. She says, “We could finally experience a view different from the one dictated by our government”, we can realize she and most of the population of Iran don’t really know how other countries see their own and most of them didn’t understand politics and government structures in other countries. It’s not a big surprise to her because of her previous experience in Austria that went very bad but most of the people that bought a satellite antenna would have been surprised with the knowledge they would have obtained of the outside world. In the article, Those Friendly Iranians, Odan Seyyid Asharafi, a 20 year old university student, understands all the lies his government presents at the TV. He says, “So if it says America is awful, maybe that means it’s a great place to live”. Odan has not lived outside Iran but he does realize that his Television presents ideas that are used to convince the population Iran is doing the right thing and the Americans are wrong. In Persepolis we can see the government tries to take down antennas, “The regime became aware that this new phenomenon was working against their indoctrination. It therefore decreed a ban, but it was too late.” The Government in the book does realize the dangers of people seeing international TV, what proves even more my theory of their ignorance of the outside world is Margie saying the government was late. People that had bought a satellite antenna would have, by the time the government discovered, already have learned how other countries work and...
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