Topics: Beslan school hostage crisis, Terrorism, Shamil Basayev Pages: 5 (1869 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Feelings and emotions during an hostage such as Beslan, Russia and After the First Death compare to each other from the mixture of weapons/terrorists to the actual hostage-taking. As Modern World History Online states that "The terrorists installed wired explosive devices throughout and around the school building." The terrorists involved, Shamil Basayev and Nur-Pashi Kulayev came together to get their minds working on which would be the most useful device and really effect the people around them. According to "Identification of Beslan Victims in Russia", "The culmination of the takeover was a series of explosions and gun battles between the Chechen militants and the Russian police” (362). To prove that the men were serious about this they later led to taking the kids over the teachers as hostages. Russia, coming together as one, tried to fight back but sooner realized fighting them back would only make it worse. Author, Robert Cormier of After the First Death points out "Miro swallowed with difficulty as he squeezed the barrel of the gun. The smell of the weapon, that peculiar slippery smell of oil, agitated his nostrils” (17). Furthermore, this shows that both usages of the guns/bombs is what launched the hostages to take over. Beslan, Russia and After the First Death differently varied in the number of terrorists that they’ve used. Modern World History Online stated "Shamil Basayev—who also claimed responsibility for the Moscow theater siege in 2002—issued a statement that he was responsible for organizing the Beslan attack." Shamil Basayev was lead to known to be the leader and organizer for this terrible attack is as well, responsible for another attack. "Sedeete. The use of the name filled Miro with awe. Sedette was above Artkin, above everyone " (110). Sedette was above everyone there, smarter than all them and took the leadership in this attack during After the First Death. In a like manner, Gale Virtual Reference Library quotes that "High levels of both heroin and morphine were found in many of the attackers' blood. Those without evidence of narcotics in their system showed signs of abuse of other drugs. The forensic tests of the militants also indicated that some of them had been in withdrawal, and had not received drugs for several days. Such a state is often consistent with aggressive and abnormal behavior" (363). Noticing that their own terrorists had been drugged, Cormier mentions “"The candy had been treated with a tranquilizer, a drug strong enough to render the children docile and passive within a few minutes " (28). Both involving some types of drugs that got to both terrorists and children had messed up with both their mindsets. Modern World History Online argued "The terrorists were especially vicious and even shot fleeing children in the back. They seemed determined to kill as many as possible before being killed themselves." Just from hearing that, proves how determined and vicious the terrorists had been before going into this. Terrorist’s attacks each have their very own way of breaking down people and leaving a huge effect on somebody in a different way.  Newspaper Source Plus states "It's just unbelievable the level of destruction here and in some ways you wonder not that so many people died, but that anyone got out of this alive at all. It’s just absolutely devastated. From the window, we could see a load of urgently needed coffins for hundreds of funerals. Some died right here in this room." Being in the same room as where many of loved ones have died, realizing how tragic this event was. Newspaper Source Plus argues, "When the first man was killed in the gym in front of everybody, there were many small children and he was killed in front of them. When the bomb exploded, I saw a lot of dead bodies. I remember a lot, but I don't want to talk about it. " Trying to hold back the tears of this was probably so hard, with actions of what this kids saw replaying in their heads. After the First Death...
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