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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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1. Autobiography comic books are so popular because since the format of the novel is simplified, and since pictures are included it can attract a broader audience rather than just a certain audience as a normal novel would, because of this it would result in many sales and raise popularity along with it. These kinds of books are much easier to follow and understand. I believe Satrapi chose this format to write her novel because using drawings to tell her story makes the reader pay closer to attention since humans are naturally attracted to illustration. I also think that she found that drawing helped her express herself even more than just writing would. If we compare a conventional memoir, it becomes a bit boring to read the repetitveness of that style of writing. With the visual aspect of Persepolis, the images actually add life to the novel and instead of imagining a characters facial expression we actually get to see it in a drawing. Persepolis compares to other comic books because it has the same light heartedness as a comic book even though it discusses many serious issues. I would call this a comic book memoir. It is much more than a comic book however, just because it is in comic book style shouldn’t change the genre because it is a novel with a deep meaning.

2. If Persepolis was fictionalized it would be just as powerful of a story, however, I feel that the story was written ad a memoir because it is the truth and that’s what Satrapi wanted. She wanted to tell her story exactly for what it was. I feel like because of this reason, the novel is more powerful since it is a true story. I have not read many other memoirs so I can’t really compare this memoir to another. I believe the drawbacks of memoirs is that one is speaking the truth and people may be able to relate to what is said when they might not want to remember certain events. The benefit of a memoir, I believe, is the same reason because people can relate to it, making it enjoyable to read to...
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