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So, you want to be a broadcaster? Great! Lucky for you today's technology allows anyone to do what was once limited to a small percentage of people. Now you can become a broadcaster, you can be the deejay, you can be the Program Director who decides your broadcast to the world - thanks to the Internet. There are several approaches to creating streaming Internet radio and which one you choose depends on your goals. If you are truly inspired to begin a Internet-based Radio station that operates for the purpose of profit and generating revenue, your path will be different than from the person who just wants to set up a broadcast to simply share his or her CD collection with friends. There are excellent options for the novice which require very little technical knowledge. If you can create or assemble MP3 files, upload them and choose a few options, you can reach a global audience! So, keep reading because you're about to enter the world of online radio.

Live 365 is the premiere provider of independent web-based Internet radio streams. What Live365 does is act as your "transmitter". They have constructed the infrastructure to allow thousands of audio streams to use their servers to make Internet broadcasting simple. It's easy to begin broadcasting with them and it's easy for listeners to hear your broadcast. Live365 offers several options. (Direct Link) Personal Stations offers packages for "personal stations" and "PRO stations". With a personal station you can broadcast your favorite music or talk, actually earn a little money with your station, and you don't even need to have a continuous Internet connection. Packages for personal stations begin as low as $5.95/month and go up from there. The more expensive the package, the more server space you receive and the more listeners can simultaneously listen to your Internet stream. Plus: pays all royalty fees to organizations like SoundExchange, BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC. (Direct Link) PRO Stations

The "PRO stations" allow you to create live or pre-recorded streams, earn revenue through your own advertising, put links to your station on your own website and stream through popular players like Windows Media, iTunes, Winamp, and more. The prices for the PRO packages are disclosed when you contact According to their website: "Live365 offers full royalty/licensing coverage for SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. In addition, Live365's PRO broadcasting services will allow you to broadcast without any Live365 advertising in or on your broadcast. You won't need to buy extra bandwidth, pay expensive server-licensing fees, or outsource your audio broadcast to expensive vendors." (Direct Link) allows anyone to easily set up an Internet radio broadcast and begin transmitting almost instantly from any location with ubroadcast's software and an Internet connection. To this end, ubroadcast has just released its "Station Manager" software which allows users to host a live radio show. The software lets the user broadcast live at any time to ubroadcast listeners or upload MP3 and WAV music files, commercials, and other pre-recorded content to play on their ubroadcast station 24 hours-a-day. "Station Manager" is designed to be used by someone with no prior broadcast experience. f you wish to set up a broadcast and don't want to pay the fees a other third-party to host your Internet radio stream - and you are a do-it-yourself kind of person - you might do well creating your own online radio station by using your own personal computer to create a dedicated server for doing the job. Some of the software options for getting this done include:

SHOUTcast is one of the original free Internet radio software solutions for streaming audio. You can start your own station fairly easily and the software is free to download. Helix Server Basic
Free streaming media server software which can distribute live...
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