Perplexing Abnormalities of the World

Topics: Bermuda Triangle, Trevi Fountain, Rome Pages: 8 (3000 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Perplexing Abnormalities of the World

By: Ada Alipaj Imelda Taraj Jona Basha Ola Stepa Ornela Koreta


1. Introduction 2. The Trevi Fountain 2.1 The Fountain 2.2 Tossing a Coin 3. Nazca Lines 3.1 Nazca Lines Map Extract 4. UFO Existence Mystery 4.1 Top UFO Incidents through History 5. Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz 5.1 The Special, Mysterious and Debatable Spot 6. The Bermuda Triangle 6.1 Rumors behind The Bermuda Triangle 6.2 Disappearances 7. Conclusions 8. References

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1. Introduction

It’s a peaceful world, isn’t it? Everything goes smoothly, perfectly and we never have to wonder about abnormalities, right? Unfortunately, our world is not perfect, but this doesn’t mean that it fails to be amazing. The same mystery that makes our different world from normality is the one that awards it the most valuable asset: the enigma behind it. So have you ever wondered how ships and planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, how UFOs might exist, how a simple superstition makes people throw coins at The Trevi Fountain? Have you ever been amazed at the perfection of the Nazca Lines, without knowing their origin? Or have you just admired them aside from the mystery? And finally, have you ever heard of a special spot in the world where gravity fails? Therefore, this assignment’s main purpose is to inform about these mysteries that make our world so perfectly imperfect! We will discuss about the tradition of throwing coins in the Trevi Fountain, the most beautiful fountain in Rome; we will examine the Nazca lines and still be dazzled. Following, the UFO existence will be discussed through some interesting facts that happened during the history of the world. And to conclude, we will examine two spots in the world where having a compass will not do any good: the Mystery Spot and the Bermuda Triangle. At the end of this assignment we will be able to understand the origin and mystery of these curious phenomena, and provide a personal advice at the end of each one of them.

2. The Trevi Fountain
The Trevi Fountain is the largest of the Baroque fountains of Rome: standing 25.9m high and 19.8m wide. Work began in 1732, and was completed in 1762. The fountain was designed by Nicola Salvi, and finished by Giuseppe Pannini, following Salvi's death in 1751. A traditional legend holds that if visitors throw a coin into the fountain, they are ensured a return to Rome. The fountain can be seen in several films including a scene in the 1953 comedy "Roman Holiday" with Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, and Eddie Albert; "Three Coins in the Fountain" and a scene of drenching Anita Ekberg in Federico Fellini's "La dolce vita". Also the movie “When in Rome” is about Trevi`s Fountain legend with Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel. 1

The Fontana di Trevi or Trevi Fountain is the most famous and arguably the most beautiful fountain in all Rome. This impressive monument dominates the small Trevi square located in the Quirinale district. The Trevi fountain is at the ending part of the Aqua Virgo, an aqueduct constructed in 19 BC. It brings water all the way from the Salone Springs (approximately 20km from Rome) and supplies the fountains in the historic center of Rome with water. In 1732, Pope Clement XII commissioned Nicola Salvi to create a large fountain at the Trevi Square. A previous undertaking to build the fountain after a design by Bernini was halted a century earlier after the death of Pope Urban VIII. Salvi based his theatrical masterpiece on this design. Construction of the monumental baroque fountain was finally completed in 1762. 2.1 The Fountain The central figure of the fountain, in front of a large niche, is Neptune, the God of the Sea. He is riding a chariot in the shape of a shell, pulled by two sea horses. Each sea horse is guided by a Triton. One of the horses is calm and obedient, the other one restive. They symbolize the fluctuating moods of the sea.

On the left hand side of Neptune is a...
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