Perpetual Screen

Topics: Sociology, Grandparent, Family Pages: 2 (837 words) Published: December 8, 2012
I overlooked at the perceptual screens and it gives me a lot of information about whom and what I am right now; how I became the person I am today. It proved me how society back home and here affected my own behaviour. These perceptions let me encounter great experiences in the past such as, the way of thinking, first impressions, and the intelligence of decision making. Reminiscing the past, people around me had affected the way I think to decide on a certain situation. The very first day I lived my life when my mom wasn’t with me changed the whole perception of my life. I related this situation on one of the notes that I’ve studied in this class, and it gives me a big question. This paper will address situations experienced by me and they will be related to aspects of these theories from the notes that I’ve read. It is interesting to demonstrate the importance of aspects related to this issue in my day to day living. The criterion chosen to begin this self reflection paper was not based on the chronology of events but the degree of importance they had in my life, in order to my professional and personal growth. I'll start this self reflection paper with the situation more meaningful in my personal life. One of the biological factors that I have is my zodiac sign, as they say; I am Scorpio because I was born on the first week of the November. Some people say that if you are a Scorpio you are passionate in your determination and I have a tendency to devote my whole being to anything which takes up my interest. This usually guarantees that, no matter what the odds, I will reach and sometimes even surpass my main goals in life. Characteristics such as dedication and persistence, a driving force of energy (both physical and emotional) and the capability to meet challenges head on wins the Scorpio the reputation of being relentless in my attention to achieve my aims. These include potential romantic partners. I came from a family who does not love music, I mean they...
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