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This paper is about the economic challenges face by the manager in the working environment. The challenges are base on the economic problems that occur in the country, Malaysia. This assignment was selected on the automobile industry that is the Second Automobile Manufacturer in Malaysia known as Perodua. The economic challenges are on the demand and supply of the resources and products, the import export of the product inside and outside the country and the price, rates, quantity and quality of the product. There are also the issue on the oil price that has been increasing trough time and the green environment done by the company as many people nowadays are very sensitive in saving the planet by the program that has been introduce by the government that is go green.

2.0Background of company
The Second Automobile Manufacturer Private Limited abbreviated to Perodua, is Malaysia's second largest automobile manufacturer after Proton. It was established in 1992 and launched their first car, the Perodua Kancil in August 1994. 'M2’ was refers to the codename, which was used when the project to establish Perodua was still Top Secret. The shareholders of Perodua are UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd with 38% stake, Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd. (20%), MBM Resources Bhd (20%), PNB Equity Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd (10%), Mitsui & Co. Ltd (7%) and Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (5%).

Perodua mainly produces mini cars and does not actually directly compete with Proton. They do not actually produce any in house designs or engineering for their main components for example engine and transmission. Perodua cars are badge engineered from existing Daihatsu designs. Daihatsu originally held a 20% stake in Perodua, increasing this to 25% in 2001 and then to 35%. In 2004, the Toyota Avanza started being assembled by Perodua in their factory in Rawang for the Malaysian market.

2.1Perodua Logo
Perodua organized a logo competition in 1997 to find a new corporate logo, to be launched together with their upcoming model, tentatively known as the X555. The competition was won by Johnson Ng Weng Kuan, an architecture student from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Perodua officially launched the new corporate logo on 24 August 1998 when they launched Malaysia's first 4x4 vehicles, the Perodua Kembara.

The new Perodua logo

The new logo maintains the 'P' and '2' and the colors of the old, squarish logo, but has been stylized further to become elliptical, which is more fluid and dynamic. The green color represents social responsibility to the environment and the community, while the red color symbolizes the development of competent workforce and resilience in meeting challenges in the globalised world. However, the emblems mounted on the company's latest cars have black in place the green and red areas, with the chrome relief maintained as it was.

2.2Corporate Information
Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (PERODUA), established in 1993, is a joint venture company between Malaysian and Japanese partners. The shareholders of Perodua are UMW Corporation Sdn Bhd 38%, MBM Resources Berhad 20%, Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd 20%, PNB Equity Resource Corporation Sdn Berhad 10%, Daihatsu (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 5%, Mitsui & Co. Ltd 4.2% and Mitsui & Co, (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd 2.8%.

The company started operations in 1994 and the ever so popular Perodua Kancil was introduced to the Malaysian market in August the same year. To date, the following vehicles have rolled out of the Perodua plant: * The Perodua Rusa - March 1996

* The Perodua Kembara - August 1998

* The Perodua Kenari - June 2000
* The Perodua Kelisa - August 2001
* The Perodua Myvi - May 2005
* The Perodua Viva - May 2007
* The Perodua Nautica 4WD - May 2008
* The Perodua Alza – November 2009

As at end of May 2011, Perodua has sold some 1.9 million units of vehicles of various models. Perodua headquarters is located on a 138-hectare site in...
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