Permutation and Combination

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Chapter I
Certain types of probability calculations involve dividing the number of outcomes associated with an event by the total number of possible outcomes. For simple problems it is easy to count the outcomes, but in more complex situations manual counting can become complicated or impossible. Fortunately, there are formulas for determining the number of ways in which members of a set can be arranged. Such arrangements are referred to as permutations or combinations, depending on whether the order in which the members are arranged is a distinguishing factor. For an instance, Lottery has been the all time best seller of gaming in the world. You can actually win on this game if the combination of your bet numbers is right whether it is not in order upon the draw of the game. Likewise, good and right combination will surely gives you an advantage to win for the game. Taking the word itself, combination plays a rule for it. Aside for that, License plate in every vehicle around the roads, have you ever think how it never look like the others? Typically the combination of this type really matters, because if it’s not in order maybe such plate numbers would be identical to the others. Such manner is actually a permutation. The distinguishing feature between Permutations and Combinations is not whether or not there is repetition. Neither one allows repetition. The difference between the two is whether or not order is important. If having a problem where it can repeat objects, then it must follow or use the Fundamental Counting Principle, the Fundamental Counting Principle is the guiding rule for finding the number of ways to accomplish two tasks. Overall, this research will enable to differentiate such two terms by rigid discussion and examples. Let be this study impart such knowledge on how Permutation and Combination will be useful in our modern society with different examples given and how the fundamental principle of counting be significant in mathematics.

Chapter II
Statement of the problem
This study aims to know what really Permutation and Combination is. It will also develop on how the other researchers to determine a given problem if it’s such one of the two and how to solve for it likewise, this study will acquire the thought of the other researchers on where to apply permutation and combination in our modern society. Particularly, this study will help to answer the following questions: 1. What is Permutation?

1.1 Definition
1.2 Characteristics
1.3 kinds
2. What is Combination?
2.1 Definition
2.2 characteristics
2.3 kinds

3. How to solve for the Permutation?
3.1 Formula
3.2 Examples or situations
4. How to solve for the Combination?
4.1 Formula
4.2 Examples or situations
5. In what way Permutation differs from Combination?
6. How can you relate Permutation and Combination in computer Application?
Based upon the above questions, it will help the other researchers to know all about Permutation and Combination furthermore, it will be answered on the discussion.

Chapter IV
In general, Permutation and Combination is very important to the field of Mathematics and to our modern society. In order for us to obtain on how a certain object can be repeated on multiple...
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