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Now as you are resting so quietly there with your eyes closed…. I am going to help you to relax even deeper…. I am going to count… very slowly…. Upto 7. And in between each count…. I will use the words ” drifting deeper and deeper”. And you’ll find…. As this count progresses… that you can drift into that trance state. As I count, you can help too as you tell yourself…”I am going deeper and deeper into hypnosis”.

Now it doesn’t matter if your mind wanders…. It doesn’t matter if you lose awareness altogether…. All that matters now is your own relaxation…. so just be comfortable… allow yourself the pleasure of sinking deeper and deeper into the comfortable lounge. Just let yourself drift into that relaxation as I count slowly to 7, using the words “drifting deeper and deeper”, in between each count.

I’ll begin that count for you now.

1. Drifting deeper and deeper…

2. Drifting deeper and deeper… and already you can feel yourself settling down…. Becoming much more relaxed now… you are feeling so very comfortable… beginning to feel peaceful too…. Just feel that relaxation… It’s working its way through your body. It’s bringing every part of you to rest… settling you right down.

3. Drifting deeper and deeper

4. Drifting deeper and deeper…. And now you can be aware of how slow and easy your breathing has become… a little slower and a little deeper too…. and each deep breath you take is making you more comfortable and much more relaxed…. more and more relaxed… just feel your whole body getting heavier…. comfortably heavier… almost as though you are sinking down…. Down… just sinking down into sheer comfort… as each breath you take…. Relaxes you more and more and more.

5. Drifting deeper and deeper….

6. Drifting deeper and deeper…. You are feeling more comfortable…. More relaxed… tired…. And so glad to be drifting deeper and deeper. Heavy…. Tired…. Drifting deeper and deeper and relaxed. Beautifully...
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