Permata Bank Analysis

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Production and Operation Management

Group Project

Topic: Permata Bank
Major: Management
Intake: 2009
Class: Leeds
By : Henny Valentine Wijaya (Group Leader)
Renova Lie Janny
Tri Suci
Vivi Chandra


1. Company Profile
2.1. History
2.2. Address
2.3. Excellence Story of Permata Bank
2.4. Product & Services Offered
2.5. Organization Structure
2.6. Description of Department
2. Dimension of The Service Design
3. Process Design in Services
4. Process Flow Chart
5. Types of Layout
6. Types of Operation Strategy

1. Company Profile
1.1. History
Permata Bank was formed by a merger of five banks under the oversight of IBRA (Indonesian Banking Restructuring Agency), i.e. PT Bank Bali Tbk, PT Bank Universal Tbk, PT Bank Prima Express, PT Bank Artamedia, and PT Bank Patriot in 2002. In 2004, Standard Chartered Bank and PT Astra International Tbk took over Permata Bank and started a major transformation of the organization. Subsequently, as a manifestation of their commitment to Permata Bank, these major shareholders increased their joint ownership to 89.01% in 2006.

The unique combination of our strategic shareholders has become one of our core strengths. PT Astra International Tbk is a large-scale Indonesian company with extensive experience in the domestic market, while Standard Chartered Bank is a well-respected international bank with market leading expertise and global experience.

The combination of these two institutions has placed Permata Bank in a unique position. As it continues to grow, Permata Bank is committed to expanding its market share and building its reputation as a bank that offers the best services. Permata Bank will continue to build a reliable and professional management team, dedicated to proactive leadership with the goal of generating sustainable growth.

By leveraging our core strengths, we at Permata Bank are confident that we will achieve our aspiration to be a “World-Class Local Bank” and bring the best of both worlds to our customers and stakeholders.

With 276 branches (including sub branches, cash offices and sharia branches), 234 sharia office channelings, supported by 549 ATMs in 55 cities throughout the country, Permata Bank is confident to be able to live up to the commitment to offer innovative solutions that best meet the needs of Permata Bank’s customers.

1.2. Address
Permata Bank branch office P.Brayan was located in Jalan K.L. Yos Sudarso No. 223 B, Medan, Sumatera Utara. There is also available services by telephone (061) 6610858 and fax (061) 6610858.

1.3. Excellence Story of Permata Bank
Indonesia's eighth largest bank, Permata Bank is listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange. This growing bank operates in 32 cities across the country with 342 branches, has approximately ten thousand employees and approximately 1.6 million customers. Permata Bank provides general banking services such as, various types of deposits and loans, credit cards, insurance and electronic banking. Its commercial banking operation offers a variety of options including investment loans, working capital loans, letters of credit, trade related financing and dealer financing.

1.4. Product & Services Offered
Asset Products
* PermataKPR Bijak
* PermataHome Ready Cash
* PermataKPR Cicilan Tetap
* PermataKPR Konvensional
* PermataDana Usaha
* PermataAnjak Piutang
* PermataKTA Bisnis
* PermataGriya Bisnis
* Medika
* Si Kecil
* Proteksi
* Bijak Plus
* Bijak Aktif
* Santunan Hati Plus
* Perisai Ganda
* Perisai Prima
* SafeSaving
* SafeSaving Platinum
* SafeSaving AlliSya
* Perisai Kecelakaan
* Permata e-Banking
* Permata ATM
* PermataMobile
* PermataNet
* PermataMini ATM
* PermataTel...
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