Perks of Online Ed.

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Perks of Online Education
Traditional classrooms offer a learning environment suitable for most students. In the present day with the technology that exists, there are more options to obtain a higher education. Deciding which style fits depends on a student's needs. Students are able to achieve degrees online and by attending traditional schools; however, school online gives more freedom to individuals, allowing them to receive a higher education and to work a full time job. Trotter said, "On some days, Vail works as late as 5 a.m. then sleeps late in the morning. Her 90 students have permission to call her as late as 10 p.m.; one boy who works at an after-school job until that hour may call her as late as 11 p.m., and he does" (Trotter). This flexible schedule allows any of her students the chance to receive higher education while taking care of their responsibilities in everyday life. Online and traditional classrooms are similar in many ways, but online education is beneficial to people that still need to make a living. Online Education provides an education equal to the traditional classroom in its cost and flexibility.

Online Education is beneficial to students who need to pay bills and want to attend school. The high cost in traveling to a traditional school has forced many people to switch to an online school. Georglyn Davidson said, "Gas prices have pushed people over the edge" (Dillon). When traveling to a traditional classroom, students need to pay for gas. Gas prices are augmenting, which makes it difficult for many students to pay for their daily commute to school while still paying for tuition. These significant increases in gas prices have caused many people to stop attending traditional schools and to enroll in an online school. In an online school, there is no need for commuting to class because the class can be taken in the comfort of one's home. In this environment, students can get their degree and eliminate traveling costs entirely. In...
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