Periodic Performance Review

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Periodic Performance Review

A Periodic Performance Review is a compliance evaluation instrument used to assist organizations with their ongoing observation of performance and routine development actions. The PPR is an outlines for constant standards compliance and concentrations on the direction and processes that affect patient safety and care. Noncompliant Trends

The Joint Commission medical staff standards defines evaluation standards, the commission pushes hospitals toward unbiased and evidence-based decisions in credentialing and privileging. In this scenario the rules and policies are clearly mapped out, yet they are not being properly followed. The verbal order audit results seem to have no consistency. These standards now outdate a lot of hospital policies and practices prevailing equally internal and external peer review, and call for a comprehensive revision to comply with Joint Commission performance evaluations. The month of March is the highest, while August is the lowest month. The months in between were about the same from eighty-two to eighty-eight. The issue that needs to be address is what took place between March and August. After carefully looking over the charts provided for both 3 & 4-east, there isn't a huge indicator that supports the similarity for falls vs. nursing care hours per patient. November and April were the only two months that a noticeable improvement was made, meaning the nursing hours increased and the falls decreased. Although, the very next month the falls increased drastically, it went from two to eleven falls, while only one hour was increased.

Staffing Patterns

The safety and quality of patient care is honestly correlated to the size and experience of the staff. These working conditions have deteriorated in this facility because the hospitals have not kept up with the growing demand for medical staff. The Joint Commission along with some state regulations measures some bare minimum level of staffing that...
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