Period Argument Analysis for Shaw "On Experimenting with Animals"

Topics: Rhetoric, Human rights, Logic Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: March 7, 2010
AP English Language and Composition

Period Argument Analysis for Shaw – “On Experimenting with Animals” A. Briefly Paraphrase each paragraph of the essay.
Paragraph 1: The author opens his essay by introducing information that is logical to the reader. This is done by discussing the rights to know and live; while also discussing the pains that follow. Paragraph 2: This is where the author gives contrasting statements on how too much knowledge is not restricted. Instead, people such as parents and priests may forbid knowledge, but no government forbids the purse of knowledge. Paragraph 3: In the concluding paragraph, Shaw states his claim to the subject of experimenting with animals. He discusses how experimenting on a mother is no less than experimenting on a dog. B. Annotate the text for:

I. Introduction
A) Exordium – “The right to know is like the right to live.” B) Exposition – “The pains of life are more numerous and constant than its o pleasures, and that therefore we should all be better dead.” C) Proposition – “If you cannot attain to knowledge without torturing a dog, you must do without knowledge.” – It is wrong to test on animals just for the benefit and knowledge of humans. D) Credentials – “Knowledge, like life, is a desirable thing, though any fool can prove that ignorance is bliss.” E) Audience – “We” “Us” “Society”

II. Body
A) Confirmation –
Examples: “In countries where there is military service he may have to throw away his individual life to save the life of the community.” “Parents and priests may forbid knowledge to those who accept their authority…” Opinion: …If he pleads, “What! Not even if I have a chance of finding out how to cure cancer by doing it?”… Fact: “To get killed lawfully he must violate someone else’s right to live by committing murder.” C. Answer the following questions:

1. Based on the title what is the subject of the essay (argument)? The argument of...
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