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How to Promote a New Perfume |
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How to Promote a New Perfume
By Rose Brown, eHow Contributor
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Perfume is a multi-million-dollar industry. Hundreds of new fragrances are released annually, and consumers never seem to tire of buying fragrances for themselves, their friends and their loved ones. While a quality product and positive word of mouth go a long way in the world of fragrances, few new perfumes succeed without promotion. Good promotion takes some effort, but it is key to creating consumer interest and earning a profit. You must attract consumers' attention through compelling promotion, which will motivate them to try---and, hopefully, buy---your new perfume.

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Use the Internet, where people who are interested in perfume do a lot of their research and shopping. There are numerous blogs devoted to new perfumes, perfume reviews, handcrafted or niche perfumes, and more. Notify perfume bloggers about your perfume, and ask them to mention it on their blogs. Send samples of your perfume to the blogs' authors and encourage them to post reviews of it. Let them know where it is available for purchase . Get your product out there and create a buzz about it via the web. Pay to advertise. Place an ad on one or more of the most popular online perfume blogs. Create a print ad to be published in a beauty- or fashion-related publication. Always include information about where your perfume can be purchased, such as a web or store address. Sponsored Links


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Create a website specifically centered around your perfume. If you are not skilled at designing a website, you can find a variety of companies online who make it very easy to establish a website in a matter of hours using pre-made templates; all you have to do is plug in your own text and images. In lieu of establishing your own perfume website, you can join on online community of people who sell handcrafted products, including perfume, such as Etsy allows you to easily list and sell all the perfume you wish. Y ou can upload your own text and images, and even create your own Etsy Store. Ask the owners of clothing boutiques, beauty supply stores and salons in your region to sell your perfume at their businesses. Host a perfume release party at each of these businesses. Advertise for the event in advance to encourage a lot of attendees. Use the


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How to Promote a New Perfume |

perfume release party as an opportunity to give away free samples of your fragrance, make sales, and generate word of mouth.


Get the scent on people's skin. Give samples of your perfume to friends, family, acquaintances, and coworkers. Chances are, they will try wearing it at least once. If the perfume is good, you can expect at least two results: they will continue to wear it, and others will ask them, "What is that great perfume you're wearing?" and begin wearing it, too. This is a great way to generate positive word of mouth and sales. Sponsored Links

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