Perfume Sales and Inventory System

Topics: Data flow diagram, Inventory, Flowchart Pages: 19 (3921 words) Published: October 21, 2011

A Project Presented to the
Faculty of the Computer Engineering Technology Department
Technological University of the Philippines
Taguig Campus

In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements in
Computer System Analysis

Presented By:


September 2010



We are thankful not only for those people who helped us but also we are thankful for the new information that this project brought forth to us, information that neither of us didn’t know before.
To our Computer System Analysis Professor, Engr. Rommel Dalisay, for helping us do the proper guidelines and procedures to come up with the required project, for never hesitating to share whatever he knows and for sharing his knowledge and expertise to make this project possible.

To our group, the group mates namely: Mr. Michael Joseph Casar and Ms. Charmanne Pantaleon for exerting much of the efforts to finish this project. We had a breakdown of work just so we can have the project on time. We are very thankful to each other for doing the assigned work. To our classmates and friends who have been a very good provider of support. We are very thankful for them not only for their support but also for their suggestions that have been very useful to us.

For our beloved family who has been a great source of motivation, financial and moral support and most importantly encouragement to go on even though we come across problems as we go along. We would like to highlight the financial support that we just mentioned. If it wasn’t for their financial support all of these wouldn’t be possible so we give the appreciation for their efforts as well.

And lastly for our Almighty God, for giving us strength to carry on, guidance, and a continued blessing.



Title Pagei
Table of Contentsiii

Chapter 1: Introduction: Overview of the System1
1.1 Statement of the Problem2
1.2 Significance of the Project3
1.3 Objectives of the Project4
1.4.1 General
1.4.2 Specific
1.4 Scopes and Limitations5
Chapter 2: Methodology6
Chapter 3: System Analysis Phase
3.1 Data Gathering Procedure7
3.2 Functional Requirements8
3.3 Event Table9
3.4 Activity Diagram10
3.5 DFD (Data Flow Diagram)14
Chapter 4: System Design Phase
4.1 System Flowchart17
4.2 Structured Chart19
4.3 Database Design (ERD)21
4.4 User Interface Design22
Chapter 5: System Testing 30-31
Chapter 6: System Implementation
6.1 Hardware/Software Requirements32
6.2 Non-Functional Requirements32
Chapter 7: Discussion of Results33
Chapter8: Summary and Recommendation36
Chapter 9: Bibliography37


Chapter 1:

For the past decade or so we have begun to realize that computers are so indispensable necessity. They’re around us everywhere, starting from our comfortable household to rovers from other planets. With rapid growth of human-computer interaction, more and more useful software are replacing human efforts. The system we propose in this report integrates the idea to automated, instead of manually, manage inventory of a perfume’s stall, meanwhile it can generate sales report, inventory report, etc, which all require human efforts previously. As a result, this system can reduce possible human errors and provide accurate information of inventory at any point. Nowadays, more and more companies tend to use any available software to maintain information over a long term. We design the Aficionado’s Automated Sales and Inventory System to approach this goal with features that help improve data consistency, maintain necessary inventory level. With these goals in mind, we decide to...
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