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Topics: Strategic management, Retailing, SWOT analysis Pages: 21 (4286 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Strategy for UNIQLO in India
Class: Global Strategy - Optimizing your Global Footprint

Professor: Mark Roeske
Hidenobu Hayakawa
Nagasaka Sohta
Nguyen Thanh Thi Phuong
Waseda Summer Intensive , August 2012
Final Report

Final Report


Executive Summary
PART I/ UNIQLO and Apparel Industry
- Overview of UNIQLO business
- Apparel Industry: Value Chain & Key Success Factors
PART II/ Environmental Analysis
- PEST analysis for India
- 5 Forces analysis for Apparel industry in India
- SWOT analysis for UNIQLO’s entering into India
PART III/ Strategy Formation
- Entry Strategy: Entry Mode
- Expansion Strategy: 3 Phases
- Implementation Plan: 4P, AAA


Final Report



Japan is famous for innovation and high-tech manufacturing industries but not for fashion. However, this fact should be reconsidered since the brand UNIQLO, a true Japanese fashion brand, now can be found in the biggest cities of the world from world-class shopping malls like Ginza (Tokyo), Fifth Avenue (New York) to the streets of Shanghai and Malaysia. UNIQLO is the main brand of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd (see Appendix 1 for Corporate Profile), the largest producer in apparel retailing industry in Japan and ranks the fourth in the world (after ZARA, H&M and GAP). Mr. Tadashi Yanai, the founder a nd current CEO of Fast Retailing (FR) used to be the richest man in Japan. In this report, we develop the strategy to bring UNIQLO to the world second largest population, India.

The reasons why we choose this plan can be explained briefly as following. Fast Retailing aims at becoming the number one apparel retailer in the world by 2020. In order to achieve this ambitious vision, they need to boost up sales from other markets other than depending only on the already-saturated Japanese market. First venturing into international markets in 2001, UNIQLO now has worldwide operations, including in the U.K., China, Hong Kong, South Korea, the United States, France, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan and Malaysia. There are very few big economies in the world that UNIQLO has not touched, which includes India. The reason for choosing India as the next destination of UNIQLO brand is mainly because of the attraction of India itself with a big population and rising GDP growth as well as an warm-welcome legal environment for foreign investment.

About the structure of this report, we divide in three different parts. The first one will give an overview of UNIQLO brand, its position versa other world-top apparel brands. This part also explains the value chain of apparel industry focusing on SPA model and its relevant key success factors. The second part provides an in-depth but compact environmental analysis of India in general and its apparel industry. Based on the country and industry analysis, a summary of external and internal factors affectin g the introduction of UNIQLO brand into India is shown in the SWOT analysis. The last but most important


Final Report


part of the report focuses on forming the entry strategy as well as expansion strategy for UNIQLO in Indian market. The main data source for this report is the FR’s latest annual report for fiscal year ended August 31, 2011 as well as information available on reliable websites, which are shown in the Reference.

PART I/ UNIQLO and Japanese Apparel Industry

UNIQLO of Fast Retailing
“Changing the World with Truly Great Clothing” is the motto of Fast Retailing which show s the corporation’s spirit, vision and strategy. The specialty retailer UNIQLO, the Group’s mainstay operation, has enjoyed strong growth by offering high-quality casual wear at reasonable prices based on its SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) business model, which spans product design, manufacture, distribution and retail. UNIQLO’s...
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