Perfume Behaviours

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User Buying Behavior Towards Perfume

Research report
Teacher: Katrina Alloway
Course: Diploma in Business & Management
Location: Bellerbys College, London
Term: Autumn Term 2012
Subject: Research Skill
Diploma Group: DBM1
Submission Date: 2/12/2012
Student CID number: 2111700

Results of observation:4
Results of generic interview:4
Results of elite interview with three sales people:6


Fragrance is the key factor for purchasing and marketing is secondary


Wearing perfume has been becoming more popular among young ladies. There are thousands of perfumes in market and each young lady buy perfumes concentrate on different factors. Such as aromas, package, advertisements and so on. Therefore, this piece of research is to survey the key factor for consumers buying perfumes. This research is conducted by Qualitative Research and Secondary research. Qualitative researches are Elite Interview, Generic Interview and Observation. It used to prove my hypothesis is reliable and this research is ended with some recommendations concern with this research.


As perfume is regarded as one of the biggest Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG), revealed by 1371 different types of perfume are sold in Selfridges & co and annual global perfume industry sales revenue was $27.5 billion. Also data shows number of perfume brands carried by US department stores increased from 756 to 1160 between 2002 and 2010. (Statistic Brain, 2012) One short movie shows that when Marilyn answered a question in an interview about:” What do you wear to bed?” She said:” Just a few drops of N°5!” (Chanel2012, 2012) For some females perfume it seems like a cloth and plays an essential role in women’s daily life. Wearing a special fragrance can be one of life’s great personal pleasures. Perfumes can evoke memories, to transport you to another place, another time. Perfumes can make you feel sexy, flirty, and happy. (PR, 2012) The research shows the great Valentine’s Day gift is perfume. Mary Ellen Lapsansky, Vice President of The Fragrance Foundation said: “One drop of fragrance can say it all, do it all.”(PR, 2012) However, how can consumers decide which perfume to choose? Which factors can influence the user for purchasing perfumes? There are a huge amount numbers of advertisements in market. It seems like that advertisement or other commercial actions guide consumers to buy perfumes. Take Chanel No.5 as an apt example. In the 1990s, report reveals more money spent advertising Chanel No.5. It has been estimated, last year, that more than $20 million is spent annually on marketing for Chanel No.5. In last year the sale revenue for Chanel No.5 was €1.809 billion. (Nessymon, 2012) We have to acknowledge that there are many factors in mind of users which induce them to purchase a particular perfume. Some of these factors are aroma, price, packaging, brand loyalty, quality and habit. Therefore, the prime objective of my study is to analyze the effect of various factors on buying behavior of users.


This research is conducted by Qualitative research.
Qualitative research methods contained three parts: Elite interview, Generic interview and Observation. Firstly, 1 sale person at Churchill Square in Brighton and two more sale people at Selfridges & co has been interviewed with some questions about what are the factors will influence the user for purchasing perfumes and their personal view on the hypothesis of this research has been asked. Secondly, 20 female consumers at Selfridges & co have been interviewed by Generic interview with their opinion on user buying behavior towards perfumes and agree or disagree with the hypothesis. Furthermore, an...
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