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Subconscious Thoughts;How dreams tie into PerfumeWorld Literature AssignmentJake Callizo00782 Ms. PereiraModesto High School Modesto, California, USAMay 25,2012|

In Perfume: a story of Murder written by Patrick Suskind, the main character Grenouille is an extremely mental and obscure man. His extraordinary sense of smell leads him to be a bizarre and peculiar person. The subconscious thoughts and dreams Grenouille conjures immensely help the plot develop; it adds another side of the novel. Thriving and devouring off the scent of women and objects lead the way of the creation of his dreams. Conjuring himself as the master of a lavish purple castle and an array of imaginary servants who served him his book of scents, “They are carrying the book of odors on an invisible tray, and in their white-gloved, invisible hands they are carrying those precious bottles, they set them down, ever so carefully, they bow, and they disappear. (129)” Grenouille used these dreams as a way to evoke the past scents he smelled. Every smell he “drinks” reminds him of a life altering scent, “… A scent from the year 1752, sniffed up in spring, before sunrise of the Pont-Royal, his nose directed to the west, from where a light breeze bore the blended odors of sea and forest and a touch of the tarry smell of the barges tied up at the bank. (129)” These smells launch Grenouille out of the dark cave he is in and to a whole new place where it reminds him of the freedom he once had, instead of the new prison he has chosen to be sentenced to. These scents Grenouille protects are his favorites. Grenouille completely throws himself into the consumption of these scents so much he is on an almost high, “He was now scent-logged. His arms and legs grew heavier and heavier as they pressed into the cushions. His mind was wonderfully fogged. But it was not yet the end of his debauch. (130)”. The scents he delves into encourage him to go out and capture more.

Before Grenouille enters his oasis of...
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