Performance Reward System for Improvements in Organizational Performance

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  • Published : August 15, 2012
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Identify the strategic objective of the plan.
The purpose of the plan of moving to a pay for performance reward system is to facilitate recruitment, retention, and motivation to result in improvements in organizational performance.  The strategic objective of the plan is to bring the entire organization together to focus on the goals and performance of individuals. Identify what people should be involved in the implementation. I believe that supervisors, HR professionals, trainers, and employees should be involved in the implementation. Supervisors have the responsibility of ensuring that the pay system is fair and effective. They need to look at pay increases based on the performance evaluation. HR professionals need to assist supervisors with creating a fair evaluation system that supervisors can use during evaluation. Trainers need to be there to provide both supervisors and employees with how to maneuver the system to track performance. Employees should be involved during the implementation process because it involves their performance throughout their workday with the organization. Design the organizational communication around the plan. 

A good organizational communication plan will include a two-way communication plan that will build trust between employees and supervisors.  Open communication ensures that employees will understand the “what” and the “why” behind coming changes to the pay system and the organizational culture.  A communication plan that will benefit the plan will include an upward and downward transmission or communication plan.  The upward communication plan includes employees speaking up and bringing their concerns or opinions to managers.  A downward transmission includes the managers communicating at a consistent level. How might the organization overcome resistance to the plan?

The organization can overcome resistance to the plan by having open communication at all times. This includes having openness about the pay outcomes....
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