Performance Review Process

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Performance Management Process

The performance Management Review process is an objective method of discussing an employee’s goals and results over a given period of time. Company reviews its employees on an annual basis. However, the company always encourages frequent discussions between supervisors and employees, with both parties actively participating. The goal is to enable each employee to excel in the workplace, contributing to the best of his/her ability, in a way that benefits the personal career growth and development of the employee as well as the performance of the company.

Creating an environment where managers and employees can engage in dialogue about performance is a key element of an effective performance system. Before we can have effective conversations with employees it is essential to create an environment where all VWA managers are committed to staff development and believe that the performance process is an integral part of personal development and company growth. Motivating employees to improve their performance starts with motivated managers doing thorough and effective reviews.

Everyone is a Player - Training and Commitment
The influence of this process occurs from leaderships execution of the process at all levels within the organization. Management’s belief in the process is key to its success. Part of any organizations challenge with performance appraisals is the tendency to treat appraisals as task rather than a process. HR’s direction should impress upon managers the importance of this process through critical elements of training, education and commitment. From a big picture perspective it is one of the most important things managers can do. HR commits to this process by offering training workshops semi-yearly to ensure that managers recognize our organization as having a culture that encourages performance evaluations done correctly and in a timely manner, with ideas and suggestions for improvement and removal of roadblocks that deter the process.

Make it a Must – “Are you meeting the Deadline?”
Producing timely, effective performance evaluations are a key component of any manager’s job. Managers should and will be held accountable for doing evaluations. Specific time lines will be rolled out to all members of the management team for timely completions of employee reviews. Manager’s performance evaluations will be rated on their effectiveness at evaluating their employees.

Types of Evaluations

• 90 Day Evaluation (1 step process)

o 90 Day Performance Review - The first half of this form is to be completed by the associate. The second half of this form is to be completed by the manager within the first 90 days.

• Management Review (4 step process)

o Self Evaluation Form – Completed by the manager evaluating one’s own performance.

o Annual Review – Completed by the Managers Supervisor.

o 360 Review – Peer (someone as the same level) i.e. another manager evaluates the manager in reviews performance.

o 360 Review – Subordinate (someone that reports to the manager) i.e. another employee evaluates the manager in reviews performance.

• Associate Review (3 step process)

o Self Evaluation Form – Completed by the associate evaluating one’s own performance.

o Annual Review – Completed by the associates Manager.

o 360 Review – Peer (someone as the same level) i.e. another associate evaluates the associate in reviews performance.

Performance Process

The following forms will be used to complete the Performance Management Process

1. 90 Days Performance Review:

Supervisors and employees are strongly encouraged to discuss job performance and goals on an informal, day-to-day basis. Formal performance evaluations are conducted at the end of an employee's initial 90-day period in any new position. This...
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