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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Introduction and Methodology
The purpose of this research is to develop performance measures for the position of the maintenance control position. Data was collected via interviews, observation and by completing a mock scenario of the job. Interviews

Subject matter experts (SMEs), such as the maintenance control, were asked questions about the job such as indicating the type and level of skill necessary to complete the job. The critical incidents technique was also utilized. Here the SMEs described scenarios of the best, average and worse performance which gives an idea of problems the maintenance control might face, how it should be handled, identify the necessary qualities, difficulty and its importance. Observation

The incumbent was observed at his station in a simulated setting. A list of all performed duties was collected. Also, observations were made on how the individual performed with other members. In addition, after interviews and observations were completed, the researcher completed a mock exercise too identify whether the recorded tasks and skill levels were accurate, as well as to identify other skills that were necessary but was overlooked by the previous data collection methods. The information collected were used to develop performance measures for the maintenance control position. From the data collected three skills were identified as vital to being able to adequately perform in this position. They include time awareness, communication, and documentation skills.

Time- Awareness
Time awareness is the extent to which the maintenance control is aware of both the actual time as well as the flight time. This skill is important as it allows the incumbent to complete both scheduled and unscheduled tasks in a timely manner. It also allows them to prepare and plan for any unforeseen incident that may arise, thereby reducing the delay time of the flights. Communication

The ability to effectively communicate is important for this...
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