Performance Measurement Paper

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Performance Measurement Paper
Steven G. Staples Jr.
February 23, 2012
Dr. William Dickie

The topic of contrast and comparison contained within this paper consists of the evaluation of three individual performance measurements that exist in management. The individual performance measurements are broken down in order to better understand the inner workings of such measurements goals. Therefore the end result will be measured by how important performance management actually is.

In the world of business there are many cliché’s about how performance measurements are implemented and what they actually do such as “if your company doesn’t measure results then you can’t tell success from failure.”

The key focus on strategic objectives should always articulate precisely what the organization wants to accomplish which is the key to finding accurate, true, strategic measurements. The strategic performance measures will allow the organization to monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the operational efficiency. The best performance measures will provide a way to monitor and see if that strategy is actually working. Focusing on the importance of the employee’s contribution to the success of the organization is another important measure that can be added along with providing a common language for the communication of everyone.

Performance measurement is so vital in the structure of an organization because it is an ongoing and constant reporting and monitoring of accomplishments. Typically the program is implemented by agency management. The different program activities are measured by this system as well. A program may be considered any project, activity, or function that has a set of objectives. The three types in which will be compared and contrasted begins with the output type of performance measures which indicates a specific workload that is processed...
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