Performance Management Values

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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Work Based Assignment: D3.01 and D3.02
Plan you workplace coaching and assess your communication skills to perform effectively as a workplace coach.

Ensuring Good Practice in Coaching
Describe how you would ensure that your workplace coaching is effective, demonstrates respect for learners views and attitudes, promotes equality of opportunity and does not abuse or otherwise take advantage of your position.

The role and responsibilities of a workplace coach is one of building a relationship and gaining trust and commitment from the coachee to ensure the agreed outcomes are achieved within the timescale set. Coaching is essentially a conversation which for the most part the coach will guide using open questioning techniques to ensure the coachee feels confident and comfortable talking openly honestly about the areas in question. Coaching does not involve teaching or training new processes with the coachee, it is simply an activity that results in the desired outcomes being agreed and the methods in which this will be achieved explored, discussed and agreed. A Coaching session will take into account the coachee’s views on the subject in question, getting the ‘buy in’ from the coachee early on in the session is the first step and will subsequently make the progression of the session run a lot more smoothly ideally with the majority of input coming from the coachee. In order to get the ‘buy-in’ from the coachee it is imperative he/she feels their opinions and input is valued and that they have the full attention of the coach during the session. Actively listening to the coachee’s concerns, ideas and apprehensions will create a trust between the coach and the coachee. With this established open questions will guide the coachee through these concerns enabling the coachee to find a solution and path to the desired outcome that is comfortable for them without too much input from the coach. This alone will allow the coachee to feel a sense of achievement...
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