Performance Management System

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Performance Management

|Policy |It is the policy of the State of North Carolina that each agency shall have an operative performance management | | |system. The purpose of the performance management system is to ensure that: | | | | | |The work performed by employees accomplishes the work of the agency; | | |Employees have a clear understanding of the quality and quantity of work expected from them; | | |Employees receive ongoing information about how effectively they are performing relative to expectations; | | |Awards and salary increases based on employee performance are distributed accordingly; | | |Opportunities for employee development are identified; and | | |Employee performance that does not meet expectations is addressed. | | | | | |An operative performance management system shall consist of: | | | | | |A process for communicating employee performance expectations, maintaining ongoing performance dialogue, and | | |conducting annual performance appraisals; | | |A procedure for addressing employee performance that falls below expectations; | | |A procedure for encouraging and facilitating employee development; | | |Training in managing performance and administering the system; and | | |A procedure for resolving performance pay disputes. |

|Definitions |Performance management – A management process for ensuring employees are focusing their work efforts in ways that | | |contribute to achieving the agency’s mission. It consists of three phases: (a) setting expectations for employee | | |performance, (b) maintaining a dialogue between supervisor and employee to keep performance on track, and (c) | | |measuring actual performance relative to performance expectations. | | | | | |Work plan – A document that describes the work to be completed by an employee within the performance cycle, the | | |performance expected, and how the performance will be measured. | | | | | |Corrective action plan – A short-term action plan that is initiated when an employee’s performance fails to meet | | |expectations. Its purpose is to achieve an...
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