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Department of Energy and Climate Change

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy: Delivery Action Plan and Impact Indicators June 2012 – June 2015

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Actions and change are needed to achieve the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy – its vision, objective and four aims. A summary of the key milestones in the action plan is set out in Figure 1. A summary of the indicators that will be used to track DECC’s progress in improving equality, diversity and inclusion are set out in Figure 2. The action plan and set of impact indicators are designed to: • • • • • • • Improve engagement with different groups in society and build diverse needs and interests into policy design, delivery and communications Create greater transparency and equality in outcomes of the performance management system Equip all staff, managers and leaders through training, information and highlighting role models to build equality, diversity and inclusion into the work they do and the way they work Raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion and involve staff through the staff networks, team discussions, the Trade Unions and DECC-wide events Build shared responsibility and accountability for achieving improvements by explicitly embedding inclusive leadership into the performance management process and creating DG-Group specific equality and diversity objectives Embed equality, diversity and inclusion into recruitment, training and promotion Achieve equality, diversity and inclusion improvements through overall accountability for delivering the strategy held by the DECC Diversity Champion and monitoring of progress using 19 performance indicators by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Board (EDIB). The EDIB is chaired by the DECC Diversity Champion and includes three independent diversity experts, representation from the staff networks and DECC Director level representation.

The actions and impact indictors that have been identified to deliver on the vision; objective and aims are based on: • • The results, recommendations and suggested actions from the DECC Diversity Review Actions and impact indicators included in external best practice benchmarks and guidance on age, disability, gender, race, work-life balance and sexual orientation from the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the diversity forums1.

In year 3 of the strategy, a review and culture audit will be undertaken to establish the extent of progress DECC has made in achieving the Diversity and Inclusion objectives. The strategy, action plan and impact indicators will then be revised on the basis of the review and audit findings.



Figure 1: Action Plan – Summary and Milestones
Aim 1: More effectively embed equality, diversity and inclusion into our leadership policies, systems, processes & governance arrangements 1 6 months st

Aim 2: Ensure policy design and communication builds on the results of engagement with different groups in society

Aim 3: Build the skills and environment we need to improve equality and diversity

• • •



6 months

• •

Put the governance & • accountability process in place to support achieving the equality, diversity & inclusion objective & four aims • Build shared leadership of equality, diversity & inclusion at all levels Support the role & contribution of staff networks Improve management information to track progress in achieving the equality, diversity & inclusion objective & aims Benchmark performance • externally Review & communicate progress in...
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