Performance Management

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HR Assignment
By: Akansha Singh 8392

Case Study: Performance Management at Jet Food Services

Ques 1. How would you describe Teresa Ross’s approach to the assessment and management of Blake’s performance?

I believe that Teresa’s approach to assessment and management of Blake’s performance was not fair enough and Blake certainly deserve more than what he was rated by her. His performance was rated in the bracket of “satisfactory”when clearly he falls in the bracket of “excellent.

Blake has been a good manager given his record of being able to retain all its customers and training his employees effectively. He had the talent of managing two very important responsibilities that he was given as the district manager since the past 3 years. He has been working with the company for a very long time, 12 years and through his good performance reached higher positions even without much higher education. Also, as told by Blake, he tries to keep cordial relations with his customers as well as company’s personnel. He puts in efforts to find better ways of doing the work in his district which breaks the monotony at the work place. Blake’s habit of excessive reporting might be irritating for the person on the receiving end but he tries to keep the regional manager updated and involved which is better than one doing work on his own will.

Teresa’s assessment seems to be effected by the fact that if he gets a good score he might be eligible for the position of assistant manager and because of his different style of work she might not be able to work with him peacefully. Even though she knew he deserved well more than he got, she gave him a lower rating. She emphasised more on the weaker parts of his performance. His assessment should be on the basis of his work experience and his performance since 12 years in the company. He might have taken a long leave due to health problems but if it was his first time, it could’ve been excused. He can be given a...
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