Performance Management

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Performance management is an art of achieving the objectives through the efforts of the people working within the organisation structure by utilising the available resources in the organisation effectively and efficiently by following different methods such as team alignment, organisation alignment, planning, controlling and directing etc. 1.1 Link between individual, team and organisational objective. Team is a group of people with a full with full set of skills which required to fulfil the target. Team where people get together to achieve their desired objectives through the available resources efficiently and effectively. In a team there is always a kind of motivation to work as a team, sharing thoughts, ideas, co-operation and helps people to perform well under any circumstances. Better team work is always lead to the success of organisation. A high performing team is always leads a company to glory or success. There are number of key characteristics of a high performing team some them are :- Clearly stated goals and targets: A team requires a clear vision of goals or missions of organisation. They are not just to understand the things, needs required to be done they should also have the focus on objectives. Creative:- a high performing team always have creativeness means they create new ideas, many ways to do the such tasks. They always look forward. They don’t have fear of failure if one idea does not work they always say we could do it in other way. There always passiveness’ in their mind that we ‘’have done it before and we can do it again’’. each and every team member knows their responsibilities and duties and every individual motivated in the team. An organisational objective needs to be set in order to establish the direction and aim or goals of the organisation. Every single member of team needs to be aware about the organisations objectives and need to understand how individual takes a part to achieving them. In business we say that objectives need s to be SMART.

Team alignment

If the organisation is aligned then it helps the organisation to achieve the objectives simply because every individual and team members are aware about their roles. 1.2 Selection of, and agree, individual and team objectives Objectives are those elements or missions which set by organisation that where they will be stand after a limited period of time. Organisation set a particular target that where they want to be and put their staff members to get there. An objective must be followed by SMART. •Specific

Time bound
Specific:- A specific objective is more powerful to be achieved rather than a simple goal. To set those kind of goals must need to considered six ‘W’s which are: Who: who involved in this?
What: what to be achieved?
Where: where does it locate/ where business wants to be?
Which: requirement to be carried on?
When: when it has to be achieved?
Why: why that needs to be achieved?
Measurable: It helps to measure the progress and helps to stay on the track of reaching to targets on time. It reflects that how far the target is and how much have achieved till the date. Achievable: Must need to considered that the objective which going to be set must be achievable that it can be attainable. Must need to think that objectives need not to be out of reach so employees get demotivated. It should be traceable that you can reach their desired goals. Relevant/realistic: An objective must reflect both willingness an able to work. Must need to decide that how real your goals should be. Time-bounded: An objective must be covered with in time. That busienss has to accomplish the objective in that specified period of time which has been declared or set by organisation. It must be covered in a...
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