Performance Evaluation

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EMPLOYEE: _________________________

POSITION: _________________________ IN THIS POSITION SINCE: ___________

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL PERIOD: FROM: ____________ TO: _____________

EVALUATOR: _____________________________________________

CONTRIBUTORS TO APPRAISAL: _________________________________________





Performance appraisal is a systematic analysis of an employee’s performance as it relates to his/her job. It is a two-way process that recognizes performance based on clearly defined duties and expectations. The appraisal process has three objectives:

1. To assess and recognize individual job performance and help each employee be the best s/he can be. 2. To improve overall Foundation effectiveness and efficiency through improvements in employee and management performance and communication. 3. To facilitate individual career planning and link it, where possible, to the Foundation’s overall strategic development.

PROCEDURE (Evaluator’s Instructions):

1. Meet with the employee at least once prior to the formal interview to discuss the process and to invite and structure employee self-evaluation and career planning. (Provide employee with form if s/he wishes). Solicit names of “external participants” from employee. 2. Consult with “external participants” of the employee’s or evaluators choosing 3. Review job description and relevant plans to identify “key results areas.” A “key result area” is an area of responsibility which is significant both in the sense that the employee spends significant time engaged in activities within that area and that there would be significant impact to the Foundation’s effectiveness if the area were neglected. 4. Complete the form in pencil prior to the interview and prepare comments and examples that illustrate the ratings. 5. Conduct the performance interview, using the form and prepared comments to stimulate discussion and complete the form in pen as appropriate. 6. Evaluator and employee should make comments on the interview, as appropriate, in Section F and sign the form. Signatures indicate that the appraisal has been reviewed and discussed. 7. Forward appraisal to senior director as appropriate.

8. Give copy of the form to the employee and place in file.
9. Follow up on action plans as required.

Explanation of Ratings:

Does Not Meet Standard (DNMS) results achieved were not satisfactory; performance must improve.

Meets Standard (MS)performance meets standard in a consistently acceptable manner.

Exceeds Standard (ES)performance is noticeably better than expected in the position.

(To be completed for managers only)


PLANNING - Establishes realistic goals consistent with Foundation philosophy and objectives

- Monitors the implementation of plans, addressing obstacles in a timely fashion

ACCOUNTABILITY - Accepts responsibility for action taken

- Maintains records and performance measures relevant to the operation of the program or project

- Establishes policies, procedures and standards for the effective operation of the program or project

- Conducts relevant analysis and monitors program- performance relative to goals

PRODUCTIVITY- Supports and contributes to the work of other managers, committee chairs and members

- Contributes to the Foundation’s overall goals

- Achieves departmental or committee goals

FINANCIAL &- Develops...
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