Performance Assessment of Small-Medium Enterprise Core Group in Zamboanga Peninula

Topics: Zamboanga Peninsula, Mindanao, Zamboanga del Norte Pages: 19 (5980 words) Published: January 14, 2013


The Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are considered as the backbone of the economy to support poverty alleviation, employment generation and economic growth with the collaboration among partner agencies in supporting entrepreneurship advocacy particularly in Zamboanga Peninsula (ZamPen). In 2011, the creation of ZamPen SME Core Group under the banner of Agency Convergence for Comprehensive Entrepreneurship Support Services (ACCESS) as an approach to promote and develop SMEs through the combined resources of the different agencies based in Region IX. This paper assesses the performance of the four (4) components of the group with their mandated functions, duties and responsibilities to ensure that SME activities will be carried out in consonance with the desired goals of SMEs. Thus, this study assesses the performance of the ZamPen SME Core group in the delivery of their mandated tasks to strengthen the networking and coordination between and among agencies to promote and develop SMEs in the region. The findings proved that the active participation and collaboration of the four (4) elements of SME Core Group resulted to successful conduct of SME caravan, workshops and salient accomplishments to strengthen the SME activities in the region. Hence, this paper recommends to strongly support to RA 9501 series of 2008 and Resolution No. RDC IX-007-03 to continually strengthen the desired goals and objectives of SMEs that will boost the economic development in Zamboanga Peninsula.


Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) shall be defined as any business activity or enterprise, whether single proprietorship, cooperative, partnership or corporation, engaged in the following:
a) industry;
b) agribusiness;
c) trade, and
d) services

Since the 1990s, there has been a resurgence of interest on the role of small-scaled business enterprises or small and medium enterprises (both will be referred to as "SMEs" hereafter) in national and international economic and social development. This is consistent with the overall shift of development strategies in many countries toward a more decentralized, even localized, approach. As such, many scholars, practitioners, and institutions involved in economic development have begun to recognize the important roles that smaller-scale business entities play in the economy and society. More and more people are becoming convinced that these entities can be a very effective means of achieving, not only economic progress, but social goals (e.g., a more equal income and a greater appreciation for diversity in gender and race) as well. All of these suggest a greater need to increase our understanding of the nature and capabilities of family businesses and SMEs and the kinds of policies and incentive systems that would be appropriate, necessary, and effective in encouraging and strengthening them. This study paper will serve as an instrument to determine whether the continuing viability and growth of SMEs are being supported and assisted by the SME Core Group that may contribute to the regional development, as well as ensure coordinative and collaborative mechanisms to pursue the promotion of entrepreneurship and encouragement for the establishment of SMEs in the region.

This study paper evaluates the performance of the four (4) components of SME Core Group under the banner of ACCESS. Based on the findings and results, this study recommends appropriate solutions to problems encountered, as well as support the current activities conducted by the group that enable to achieve the desired goal towards economic development in Zamboanga Peninsula.

In 2011, SME Core Group adopted a banner program dubbed as ACCESS which stands for Agency Convergence for Comprehensive Entrepreneurship Support Services to strengthen the...
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