Performance Appraisal Systems in Red Square Industries

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  • Published : September 16, 2010
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Performance appraisal systems in Red Square Industries

Executive Summary
The Red Square Industries implemented performance appraisal system. This report evaluates the current appraisal system and provides implementable solution to the problem. HR director analyses the advantage of the current performance appraisal system in terms of grading, discriminating on basis of performance, rewarding performance and performance appraisal record. Next, he analyses the disadvantage of the appraisal system in respect of lacking top management commitment, leniency bias, poor communication, violation of EEO and static performance appraisal. Following are the recommendations that the HR director provides to the CEO: •Top management commitment

Prevention of leniency bias
Dynamic performance appraisal
Enhancing communication
Legal treatment in performance appraisal system
Employees feedback

Table of Contents
Pg Title page
Executive Summary 2 Table of contents 3-4 1.0 Introduction 5 1.1Background 5 1.2Aims 5 1.3Scope 5

2.0Literature review 5

3.0Analysis 6 3.10 The advantage of the performance appraisal systems in Red Square Industries 6 3.110 Major type of performance appraisal systems 6 3.120 Performance appraisal objectives 6 3.130 The performance appraisal record 7 3.20 The disadvantage of the performance appraisal system in Red Square Industries 7 3.21 Lack of top management support 8 3.22 Leniency bias 8 3.23 Poor communication 8 3.24 Violation of EEO requirement 8 3.25 Static performance appraisal 9 3.30 Implementable solution 9 3.31 Management commitment 9 3.32 Prevention of leniency bias 9 3.33 Considering the validity and accuracy of the performance system 9 3.34 Dynamic performance appraisal 9 3.35 Enhancing communication...
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