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Topics: Employment, Psychology, Absenteeism Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: October 22, 2012
The Impact of Workplace Absenteeism on Organizational Performance Introduction
Many organizations recognized the employees’ performances. Performances expected coming from the employees are affected by their participation and being present in their roles and responsibilities. However, manages are forced to find an ideal remedy in the habitual tardiness or absenteeism of the employees. This is because, the organizations realized an unprofitable investment if there is any unscheduled absents. Furthermore, there is a reduction of the total productivity of the manpower that might affect the entire operation of the business. Background of study

Absenteeism is the result of the different employee behaviors. Most of the workers are experiencing high stress or improperly compensated that reflects in their absences (McLaughlin Young Group, 2007). Statement of the problem

The cost of absenteeism is greater when lost productivity, temporary labor and dissatisfied customers are considered. Almost all the employees have their absences more than five times per year and are coming from different sectors (McLean, 2005). The growing numbers of employees having the same problems on attendance will manifests in their ability to contribute in the total growth of their own career and in the organization. Leaders believe that if they did not create a significant solution to this problem, more and more employees will do the same as it is became part of theorganizational culture. However, what are the real-life impacts of workplace absenteeism on the organizational performance? Literature Review

Absenteeism occurs when the employees are not present at work when they are scheduled to be there. It can be divided into voluntary or involuntary absenteeism. Involuntary absence is viewed to be beyond the employee’s immediate control; legitimate reasons like personal illness, accidents or family emergencies. Voluntary absence is under the direct control of the employee which can often be...
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