Performance Appraisal in Police Force

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  • Published : April 21, 2011
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Jyotirmaya Satpathy, PhD, D Litt
Post-Doctoral Fellow (Economics)
Berhampur University, Odisha, India

Performance appraisal is a systematic measurement of the ratee’s traits, performance and his contribution to the organisation. It reflects administrative and operational needs as well as development of the ratee. The main aim is to achieve specific job criterion and realization of the potential. It emphasizes the inter-relationship between efforts, abilities, targets and performance. In short, it aims at a holistic development to achieve and sustain competitive advantage in the complex and competitive world. In this thesis, the objective is to study the prevailing appraisal process in the Indian Police and to draw relevant conclusions.

A thorough study of the available literature on the subject was undertaken to have an idea about the strength and weakness of the existing methods of appraisal. A total of 109 publications were reviewed and discussed. The review reveals various components of appraisal, the administrative and behavioural needs and other characteristics of the process.

On the subject of performance appraisal modeling in general, various aspects like conceptualisation, critique, organizational justice, philosophy of appraisal, logic, principles and objectives of appraisal, influencing factors,barriers,self-rating,legal considerations, issue of diversity, techniques of appraisal, assessment centers, dynamics for raters, rational modeling, naturalistic modeling, recognition-primed modeling, logical incremental modeling, improving design configurations, reviewing appraisal design(s),errors and biases, job performance, competency of rater, forms of performance difficulties in traditional approaches, proposed model architecture, suggestive approaches, modeling staffing, attributes, ethical issues, perspective planning, phases of appraisal, recent developments in appraisal dynamics, behavioural...
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