Performance Appraisal in HAL

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Prepared and Presented to:

Under The Guidance Of :
Company’s Guide:- Faculty Guide:-
Mr. C.S BhamaMr.Bhupendra Tripathi
(Training Manager)

(Submitted in the partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of Master Of Business Administration from G.B Technical University, Session-2009-2011)
Submitted By :-
Roll No. 0914170052
(MBA III Sem.)
Sagar Institute Of Technology & Management Barabanki .


This is to express my heartiest gratitude towards all those who helped and inspired me to complete my project report.
I feel immense pleasure in submitting my summer training project report. I am highly thankful to my Director Prof. J.K.Johari SITM Barabanki for his support and encouragement that he provided me during the tenure of the project report. I am also thankful to my H.O.D Mr. K.K.Mishra Associate Prof. (H.O.D) of MBA and to my faculty guide Mr.Bhupendra Tripathi for their kind and constant support and guidance. At the end I would like to mention about the constant motivation and help that I received from my family, teachers, friends and batch mates for completing my project report.

(Shalini Sharma)


Understanding motivation and application of actual motivational strategies are two very different things. Since last few decades we have witnessed immense changes in the indian organizational context.

This project- report of mine is an attempt to focus certain factors influencing motivation and their mode of application in H.A.L.
First,efforts have been focus on introducing .HAL and give the outline about history of working.]
Second, the project report emphasizes on the actual mode of motivation here performance appraisal process, objectives of human resource department needs for training development and there execution in H.A.L have been detailed,supported by a copy of questionnaire that was used to interview the employes of HAL Third,the report incorporates conclusion, suggestion and recommendation which Ipersonally feel will go a long way to bridge the gap between intended results and the actual results.

.Thus, i expect that this project report will not only fulfil my purpose understanding motivation as a business management student but will also help H.A.L to know themselves better, as there is always a scope of improvement.

In this summer training we have tried to cover up the whole matter which is relevant and in short so, that its conclusion can be drawn from a concise report. The topic of our summer training is “industrial relation and worker participation in management “for that. The report includes various trends that followed in the organization. In the first phase of the report we have discussed about the Human Resource Management its objectives, importance in the organization. It’s evolution in India. Then the light is thrown on the part Human Resource activities which are implemented in the organization and the current trends are emphasized that are recently followed by every organization for their betterment in this competitive era. Second segment of the report includes the introduction of the Industrial Company Profile [HAL] on the basis of Product range and Competitive Situation and the various HR trends which are being followed by the organization for the development of the organization and its employers. The main report starts from the Third phase in which Research Methodology is done through Research Design, Sampling, data collection from various methods by use of analytical tools and then analyse. . After analysis includes my report interpretation and findings and given suggestion and conclusion....
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