Performance Appraisal

Topics: Feedback, Human resource management, Performance appraisal Pages: 36 (12523 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Research Paper
Managerial Performance Appraisal

Instructor: Mr. Shahzad Ghafoor
Principle Author: Wajahat Khalil

Co Authors:
Syed Sohaib Raza
M. Asad Masood
Syed Abdul rehman Ali Bukhari
Hafiz Nouman Danish

Effects of performance appraisal in employees productivity.


Performance appraisal is generally accepted as an important element of human resource management, it is not only the mean of evaluating performance but also of achieving performance improvement. Performance Appraisal System (PAS) is introduced in organizations for a variety of purposes, One of the major goals of PAS is to help developing people by way of creating greater awareness of what they perform and how they perform. In our research paper we have discussed the importance of performance appraisals as well as the pros and cons of this procedure. In this regard, there arise many questions like who to appraise? Why to appraise? The methods of appraisals; What should be the best method to appraise? Benefits of performance appraisals, why managerial performance appraisals are ineffective? Gender biasness i.e Sex equality in the workplace has been an important issue in human resource management since the mid-1970s when legislation was introduced to tackle a history of discriminatory practices, especially regarding female employees (Mike Millmore and David Biggs and Laura Morse) . The legal framework has largely been directed at tackling disadvantageous discriminatory practices that separated women in workplace. After that, the key components and employee involvement in performance appraisals because most of the employees want to take responsibility for their own lives and want to work freely without interference of others, when they find that others are making decisions for them like formal performance evaluation , they may feel deprived. In this report we have also discussed 360° feedback (Yukl and Lepsinger, 1995, p. 45) . In this technique, appraisal relies on the input of an employee's superiors, colleagues, subordinates, sometimes customers as well as suppliers.

Key words
Appraisal, Evolution, Effectiveness, Correlates, Voluminous, Formulations, Frustration
Literature Review

1. Evolution of the performance appraisal process
Worldwide, performance appraisals are used in nearly all organizations. Corporations use different tools and have a number of goals for performance appraisals, often resulting in some confusion as to the true purpose of performance appraisal systems. However, at its core, the performance appraisal process allows an organization to measure and evaluate an individual employee’s behavior and accomplishments over a specific period of time (DeVries et al., 1981). There are many advantages to using a formal system if performance appraisals are designed and used properly (Murphy and Cleveland, 1995). It facilitates organizational decisions such as reward allocation, promotions/ demotions, layoffs/recalls, and transfers. It may also assist managers in developing employees. It serves to assist individual employee’s decisions regarding career choices and the subsequent direction of individual time and effort. Additionally, performance appraisals may increase employee commitment and satisfaction, due to improvements in organizational communication. (Murphy and Cleveland, 1995). Feedback can be a useful tool for development, especially if it is specific and behaviorally oriented, as well as both problem-oriented and solution-oriented (Murphy and Cleveland, 1995). Therefore, many believe that performance appraisal systems should provide meaningful feedback, rather than exclusively be used to make judgments about the employee. Although, when the same performance appraisal system is used for administrative decision making (e.g. raises, promotions) and for feedback, both functions may suffer...
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