Performance Appraisal

Topics: Human resource management, Performance management, Performance appraisal Pages: 44 (11534 words) Published: December 8, 2012
A Project Report on Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal & Management At

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.

Name: Reg. No.: Learning Centre: LC Code: Course: Semester

Viral Dave 521014754 Idea Foundation 01535 MBA 4th Semester


It has been rightly said, “Whenever people are willing but unable to perform particular task, they need cooperation and guidance of experienced people which is quite imperative in achieving the desired goals.” I sincere extend acknowledgement to Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) for giving me a valuable opportunity to work with them. This project report is dedicated to all the people, whom I met, took guidance, talked and gained knowledge from them. I am indebted and whole-heatedly thankful for the assistance received from various individuals in making this project a success. I have no words to express our gratitude towards those who were constantly involved with me throughout my wonderful experience working with the project on “Performance appraisal system”. I would like to express my gratitude to my college Idea Institute of Management (IIMT) & my faculty guider for giving me the golden opportunity of making project report on the “Performance Appraisal System” at ONGC as a part of so as to learn the various aspects on practical basis. I am highly thankful and deeply indebted Mr. Prabhakar Kumar who incessantly guided me till last word of this project report and provided an estimable guidance. They made numerous valuable suggestions and corrections, which greatly improved the quality of my work. In spite of being busy with their routing work they spend quality time with me and never hesitated to cooperate and help me out with my problems as and when required. The practical and the theoretical knowledge that I have gained from them will help me in enhancing my career and managing things in a better way.


The efficiency of an organization depends directly on how capable is employees are in the competitive world and how they are motivated to work. An employee’s growth and personal development depends on his performance. Similarly, an organization growth depends upon future planning and employee’s performance. Further, an employee’s performance is also used as an indicator for compensation packages career counselling and identifying training needs. The process of appraisal usually involves comparing the performance with the standard. Performance appraisals are essential for effective management and evaluation of staff. Appraisal helps develop individuals, improve organizational performance and feed into business planning. Formal performance appraisal is generally conducted annually for all the staff in the organization. The purpose of this report is to explain what I did and learned during my Summer Training Project with the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) in the Division of Performance Management and Appraisal. The report is also a requirement for the partial fulfilment of Grand Project. The report focuses primarily on the process of performance appraisal, employees satisfaction and methods used for performance appraisal. Because the various parts of the report reflect the intern’s shortcomings, successes, observations and comments, it would be imperative that the recommendations are also given. Therefore the report gives a number of comments and recommendations on the grand project. It is hoped that this report would serve as a cardinal vehicle to the improvement of the Performance Appraisal program in ONGC.


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