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Performance Appraisal

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The amount of research regarding the topic “Performance Appraisal” is so vast. The topic is literally not new; it is as old as the formation of the organizations. Before the early 1980’s, majority of theoretical studies emphasized on revamping the rating system within the organization. The actions were a great thing to reduce the chaotic of employee’s performance appraisal (Feldman, 1981). With the passage of the time the methods and rating system among the employees got enhanced and received an immense appreciation and attentions of the managers.  Behavioral Observation Scale (BOS) is one of the best techniques utilized by the managers to arte the employees. The dilemma was on the peak in the 1960s and 1970s. In the same period couple of new innovated rating scales were introduced, which was Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) and the Mixed Standard Scale (MSS). The innovations were dominant one which condensed the errors and improved the observation skills from the performance appraisal practice. According to the research of Arvey and Murphy (1998), there were hundreds of thousands of researches had been taken place between the periods of 1950 to 1980, which merely focused on the different types of rating scales. Landy and Farr (1980) reviewed and researched the methods of performance appraisal in totally a different manner, in which they understand the rater and process in an organizational context. Other Performance appraisal reports include the rater characteristics in their report like race, gender and likeability.  After the year 1980 the biasness among the performance appraisal system occurred outrageously and appraisal had been granted on the favoritism or race and gender basis rather examined the knowledge, skills and style of the work of the employee. The accuracy criteria among the performance appraisal system clutched its grip in the start of the 1980s, where the researches were emphasized on common...

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